1. Almost 30 years of fleet experience
2. Consultation and guidance from people you know and trust
3. A suite of solutions to meet your specific business case
4. Proven implementation process to simplify enablement
5. Best in class products backed by US based world class customer service
6. Innovative fuel/GPS integrated products to help curb card abuse relations
7. Help you become a greener company
8. Help protect your image- BRAND


We take a consultative approach to fully understand your specific business case and carefully select the solution that best meets your needs. We help you leverage industry best features and reporting options.


FleetMinder GPS recognizes that an exceptional GPS tracking system comes from a consultative approach. Our primary goal is to deploy a GPS tracking system that fits your fleet and maximizes your return on investment.

Step 1

Review Fleet Applications

Every business sector has different needs for their operations. We take every fleet application there is; trucks, equipment, trailers, containers, mobile generators to almost anything, nothing surprises us… but we look forward to every application and challenge.

Step 2

Determine Priorities

Not all businesses are alike. Every fleet business is unique. That’s why we don’t offer a cookie-cutter approach. We help you determine your priorities for tracking to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Step 3

Identify Opportunities

There’s definitely a lot you can do with GPS tracking. We have assisted many organizations uncover opportunities to cut costs, optimize efficiency, increase productivity, enhance safety, and improve service.

Step 4

Recommend Hardware & Features

When we have identified your requirements for your fleet we’ll recommend the right combination of GPS hardware and features to maximize the ROI on your GPS tracking investment.

Step 5

Build Ongoing Value

There are certainly many variables that go into developing value in any fleet deployment. But, you can be assured of one important item is that we take your fleet investment as seriously as you do!

Your Fleet is Our Business !

Your Fleet ..Our Business !