Watchcard and Fleetminder are a POWERFUL combination.

Fleetminder is now connected with the Watchcard fuelcard.As a loyal customer,you can integrate your fuel data seamlessly with Fleetminder tracking solutions,giving you a complete view of your vehicles and drivers.

Convenient Online Fueling Nationwide

Accepted at 98% of fueling station so you can shop for the best price anywhere you travel.


No Hidden Fees

  $0 Annual Fees
  $0 Setup Fees
  $0 Monthely Card fees
  $0 Report Fees
  $0 Invoice Fees
  $0 Card Order Fees


Choose Your Controls

  Get fraud alerts to help you track suspicious activity

  Set dollar limits and control when and how often drivers use their cards.


Easy Online Account Mngt.

  Manage your fuel cards
  view transaction and invoices
  Run custom reports to track usage
  Locate fueling sites
  Check fuel prices