The FM-460-EQ is our equipment tracker specifi cally designed and engineered for all powered assets. The device is built to withstand harsh environments and contains internal cellular and GPS satellite antennas.
It requires a 12- or 24- volt power source, but it also contains an internal back up battery that will typically enable the device to function for 60 days without power.

Key Features

➤ Reports every 10 minutes when equipment is on.

➤ When Ignition is turned off it will report total engine hours used and distance traveled.

➤ Low power consumption when in sleep mode and will wake up to report in once a day.

➤ TOW alerts occur when equipment is moved without the ignition ON.

➤ Power Disconnect alert – If the 12V or 24V power pack is removed from the device.

➤ Low-battery notifi cation and voltage monitoring.

➤ Ability to monitor PTO (Power Take Off) activity.

➤ Internal backup battery when power is disconnected.

Device Software Highlights

➤ Web based; providing access to your fl eet information limited only by your access to the internet.

➤ Fleet tracking updates every 10 minutes when ignition is on. Will also update on a daily basis when ignition is off.

➤ Track maintenance schedules based upon “real time” engine hours and/or mileage data.

➤ Provides exact arrival and departure data relative to any job/location, which will increase billing accuracy and reduce billing write-offs and disputes.

➤ Mapping with Google Street View and Google Earth integration.

➤ Unlimited users (no additional software license fees or charges).

➤ Custom map icons (including the ability to input actual photos of your equipment).

➤ Provides 18 months of historical tracking data and reporting with 3 years of historical data archived for future reference, if and when needed.


Device Specifi cations
Size: 2.15” L x 4.33” W x 1.59” H
Weight: 12 oz.
Operation Temp. Range: -22°F to +167°C
Wireless Specs: CDMA Dual Band
850/1900 MHz
Power Consumption:
Deep Sleep: < 1mA @ 12V
Sleep on Network: < 10mA @ 12V
Active Standby: < 70mA @ 12V
Operating Voltage: 6 – 32 VDC
Location Accuracy: 6.56 Ft
Internal Back-up Battery: 5.2 Ah
while sleeping – about 60 days*
while actively in use – about 70 hours*
Certifi cations: FCC, CE, IC, PTCRB, and
Verizon Wireless
Device LED’s:
Amber LED for cellular connectivity
Green LED for GPS location Lock


This product will support all powered equipment such as bulldozers, skid steers, bobcats, excavator, etc.

• Construction Company

• Utility Company

• Equipment Rental Company

• Landscape Company

• Pool and Spa Company

• Snow Removal/ Plow Company


We stand behind our equipment and software solution with our satisfaction guarantees Lifetime Device Warranty – If at any time during the course of normal use your device stops working (excluding physical or water damage) we will provide a replacement device at no charge.

30-Day Money-Back – If at any time within 30 days after a device begins tracking you are not completely satisfi ed with your purchase or our software solution for any reason, we will give you a refund on the original purchase price of your device. (Not applicable with 3 year bundled plans.)