FleetMinder GPS Tracking Features- BENEFITS

The FleetMinder GPS tracking application is web based, providing access to your fleet information limited only by your access to the internet. Includes a mobile web application that will autosize for your smartphone or tablet.

Variable Reporting Intervals

Variable reporting intervals based on product type -60 seconds to as low as 2 times a day

Maintenance Alert

You will receive an alert when it is time for maintenance on the vehicle

Low Battery Alert

You will receive an alert if the battery is getting low

Reporting Login

Our applications include a wide variety of reports such as trip trip reports, driving behaviors and more



Our application display a dashboard where you can see all your vehicles with summary data

Multi User Login

Within our application, you can create multiple users for your account

Web Application

Our application is web based, So there is no need to install or upkeep proprietary software


Lifetime Warranty

Rest easy knowing your equipment is under warranty.

Mobile Application

We also have mobile applications for both Android and iPhone

Training Videos

Our application include a support area with training videos for each topic