Company Overview

FleetMinder GPS Innovative Telemetics is a GPS service (Saas) solutions company with our corporate head office in Vancouver, British Columbia and our US office in New York USA. FleetMinder GPS is owned and operated by Fleetwatch Systems Inc.

Fleetwatch Systems is North America’s Premier Fleet Safety & Risk Management (FSRM) company and trusted with thousands of active vehicles in the marketplace.

Our company is the ‘original’ creator of the 1-800 How’s My Driving decal based program and have been in the fleet risk management industry for over 28 years.

FleetMinder GPS Telematics is designed to help fleet managers automate manual business processes and optimize performance. From HVAC to local transportation fleets, FleetMinder’s Local Fleet Management system provides small and mid-sized businesses with a cost-effective information platform that effortlessly, and in real-time, locates vehicles, boosts operations, increases dispatch effectiveness and reduces expenses.

FleetMinder GPS Fleet Tracking solutions sets the standard for excellence and performance for delivering fleet management benefits of increased productivity, improved driver behavior and simplified compliance management