Get your drivers home safe. Keep your reputation and brand untarnished.

Provide your drivers with the tools they need to:

1. Stay connected, hands-free even in rural and remote areas
2. Comply with safety regulations
3. Navigate road obstructions with ease
4. Enhance safety and increase CSA scores for strengthened brand reputation and competitive edge

Driver Retention

Provide tools that allow drivers to adhere to best practices for increased efficiency, earning potential and job satisfaction:

1. Eliminate redundant and administrative processes for enhanced productivity
2. Get them connected
3. Remain in constant contact even in rural or remote areas for increased safety
4. Establish a strong sense of teamwork with direction connection to dispatch and head office

Make your drivers more satisfied. Increase their earning potential and reduce inefficient use of their time. Help them make it home safely to their loved ones.

Operational Efficiency

Make smarter business decisions. Empower more productivity. Lower costs. Implement driver behavior best practices with precise, real-time performance data:

1. Increase fuel and vehicle maintenance savings
2. Manage by exception for rapid resolution of issues as they arise
3. Drive operational improvement with performance metrics analysis
4. Automate dispatching for optimized routing and better utilization of driver time
5. Pro-actively schedule vehicle maintenance to eliminate downtime and save on repairs
6. Reduce driver and back-office administration for reduction in errors and increased performance
7. Improve customer satisfaction and competitive advantage
8. Increase asset utilization
Know where your assets are at all times:

1. Optimize asset scheduling
2. Maximize the value of your assets

Reduce Liability

Minimize liability. Reduce insurance costs. Enhance bottom-line.

Clearly demonstrate a safe working environment, driver history and company safety program which can mean negligence lawsuits are often dismissed early.

Back it all up with good record-keeping:

1. Access precise, accurate, historical, defensible data for minimized liability
2. Utilize automated, preventative maintenance scheduling for reduced faults and associated accidents
3. Comply with FMCSA, DOT and internal safety guidelines for a safe working environment

Fuel Optimization

Improve fuel efficiency. Improve fuel reporting accuracy. Save money.

GPS Fleet Tracking can help you:

1. Manage driver behavior and improve fuel economy
2. Eliminate inefficient dispatching and eliminate fuel wastage
3. Automate fuel tax reporting to ensure optimum tax advantages and elimination of errors and fines

Secure Assets Theft Prevention

Protect your assets. Reduce insurance costs. Keep your business running smoothly.

Protect Assets & Reduce Insurance Costs:

1. Know where your assets are at all times
2. Detect unauthorized movement or usage
3. Optimized asset recovery with accurate, real-time location data
4. Eliminate fuel theft with automatic syncing of fuel purchase with authorized vehicle (integration with FLEETWATCH FUEL CARD)

Performance and Accountability

Improve Performance. Attain success. Set milestones. Measure Progress.

Access high-value data to:

1. Deliver accountability to internal and external customers
2. Monitor progress and track success
3. Keep your organization responsible and engaged
4. Springboard to better performance

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