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We improve driving behaviour and encourage safe driving habits that produces positive results.
Better drivers generate increased ROI and help protect your BRAND image.

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Fleet Minder GPS Innovative Tracking Solutions

Improving driver behavior through innovative telematics …….built for your business

FleetMinder GPS is an innovative Telematics solutions designed and carefully assembled to meet the needs of our fleet customer base. Our best in class platform Systems technologies leverage GPS for tracking and are driven by innovative hardware, software and reporting capabilities.


Discover advanced

GPS tracking features

GPS Tracking Features

Grow and improve your business potential. FleetMinder GPS is transforming fleets become more productive.

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A comprehensive GPS fleet management platform does more than vehicle location — it provides metrics such as vehicle speed, driver behaviour, progress towards job completion, and more. It takes the guesswork out of daily management. With access to this information, businesses can make integral decisions about their fleet including route optimization, reduce fuel cost, asset availability and utilizations.

Is Your Fleet Compliant ?

We are complete source for Fleet Compliance Management. New regulations for electronic
logging devices (ELDs) mandate the

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use of ELDs for records of duty status.

Integration Navigation

FleetMinder Integrated Navigation module is designed for all companies needing to be always connected with their drivers:

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service and maintenance, sales forces, distribution or transportation.

Complete Fleet Management Solutions


Competition within the service and transport industry is high and oil prices are still rising. The practical solution for profitability is to know how everything works and analyze the metrics, to drive safely and more efficiently than the competition. FleetMinder GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for professionals in all types of transportation service industries by offering a simplified fleet monitoring platform.

Customized GPS Tracking & E-Log Solutions

Mobilize Your Work Force- Improve Productivity – Reduce Operating Cost

Detailed Trip Recording

FleetMinder’s “breadcrumb history tracking” provides the most advanced overview to your drivers’ on-road performance. Data info for every turn, curve, and stop,

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FleetMinder records all driving details offering metrics for you compare to your fleet safety rules and policies. Request A Demo

Productivity Reports

Our online software produces various productivity reports to help you visualize your fleet and driver activities throughout the day. With all data stored for trip history information,

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you can recreate any of your trips at any time and for any date specified. This includes in-depth views for various events, such as time spent at certain location, on the road, or even time spent with at customer locations. More importantly, you can see a summarized view of all your trip information, including fleet performance metrics such as least driven asset, most driven asset, as well as highest idle asset.

Establish Any Number of Custom Rules

FleetMinder renders several dashboard reports to help get you started. The fleet tracking system also provides you with unlimited possibilities to create custom rules and reports that suit your requirements and your fleet needs.

Send Routes and View Driver Status Anytime

Your communications with your drivers should be simplified. Any route information can be sent to your Garmin*, which automatically navigates drivers to new destinations. Driver status can also be set to “on the job” and vehicle colors can be changed on the map according to their status.

* Garmin integration is required.

Speed Alerts : Posted vs. Actual Road Speed

You can always be notified of any immediate changes (SPEEDING) regarding driver’s speed, by setting your speed alert reports. By doing so, you can compare your driver driving speed with the actual posted road speed for local city driving, highway driving, or within specific zones. In addition to knowing driver behavior, you can observe changes in driving style depending on the environment the driver is in, such as a customer or work zone.

Supported Tracking Devices

We have provided tracking devices to thousands of vehicles from various sectors of industries Every business requires a different set of applications for their operations. Through our personalized consultation process, we assist our customer’s select the proper tracking device for the operations. We also follow up to ensure they GPS unit deployed in the company meets their expectations.

Improve Fuel Efficiency

With a GPS tracking system, fleet managers are able to achieve fleet fuel efficiency by better managing routes, vehicle speed, idling time, fuel cards, and vehicle maintenance.

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Planning Trips Efficiently with Route Optimization

As a fleet manager, you know the importance of making fast and accurate deliveries, while ensuring quintessential customer service satisfaction levels. With FleetMinder’s route optimization tools you can efficiently manage, dispatch drivers and effectively reduce fuel consumption, mileage, CO2 emissions,-thus making your organization a “greener” company while increasing your organization’s operational efficiency and improving the company’s bottom line.

Solutions With FleetMinder GPS

Attain an open platform to access to your fleet data with your seamless data integration and fleet analytics. FleetMinder’s fleet management platform allows you to track and manage your mobile workforce to maximum efficiency.We are here to help you keep your drivers safe, your brand protected and your business compliant.


FleetMinder provides businesses with insight into vehicle location, reporting on activity and details into driver conduct. It helps them optimize planning and improve customer service. During the past ten years an increasing number of fleets have been using GPS vehicle tracking to improve fleet productivity and do more in less time.

1. More visibility over your fleet
2. Route optimization made easy
3. Keep customers informed and happy

Our vehicle tracking innovative software lis very user-friendly and leads the technology to take your fleet operations to the next level.We are committed to providing fleet managers and owners with the highest quality, most cost-effective solutions.

The Primary 7 Goals of ELD Mandate

The ELD mandate is legislation issued by the FMCSA, and enforced by the DOT, that requires all CMV drivers, subject to HOS, to record driving hours electronically using an approved electronic logging device (ELD).

All qualified drivers currently using a paper logbook or non-compliant e-logs must switch to compliant electronic logging before December 2017.

Please watch video to get an overview of the ELD mandate

The ABC's of ELD (Electronic Logging Device)

Cynthia B.- Salamein Group / Leasing Co.

We are currently using their services with the How’s My Driving decal program for our fleet of 1500 units and when they presented us their FleetMinder GPS units, we were impressed with the performance, information and the analytics delivered by their GPS units. It was...
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J. Bowley- Crane Associates, AK

Very pleased with the dashboard ease of use and most importantly, knowing where our assets are at any given time. Customer support from the people at FleetMinder is simply wonderful . I recommend these guys
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Beverly Rutherford, Delta Cable Co.

We have using these guys for more than 8 years with their How’s My driving decal based program and are extremely pleased with the progarm and service support we received from them. One day after initial consultations with them about our requirements we decided...
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Sheila R… Dog Daycare & Boutique owner

Happy with the professional service your company provides. The GPS tracking device is awesome… it really helps in our scheduling and planning.. Although we have a small fleet I can’t imagine that any company with a larger fleet wouldn’t use this system. Highly...
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J. Blesennik- CF Freight Services

It’s always great knowing security and convenience when tracking our trucks/fleet at any given moment. Overall, the efficiency and reporting features of Fleetminder has assisted greatly with our fleet management. The user-friendliness of the online system simply...
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Roan Anderson, Texas /Oil Industry

We are in the oil and gas industry transport, when a truck ignition turns on the GPS system automatically starts tracing. When customers inquire, about delivery of their goods within a few seconds we know how long would it be for the truck get to their locations....
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